Life History Services
Life History Services


  • What are the stories and values of your life?
  • What is your family history?
  • Have these stories, values and history ever been comprehensively gathered and permanently recorded?
  • Who is here to share their legacy today?

Life History Services is a professional oral history recording service for individuals, families, businesses and organizations wishing to record, preserve, and honor their unique stories and history.

Anita and Rudy Hecht

Anita Hecht, founder of Life History Services, with her father, Rudolph.

Recorded personal, family, and organizational histories offer current and future generations an understanding of their past and strengthen family and community ties.

History gives us a sense of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. In today's mobile and rapidly changing society, bonds between family members often weaken with geographical and generational distance. Preserving our life stories and family or community history is a wonderful gift to ourselves and to those we love, now and into the future.

What Life History Services offers

A skilled interviewer and researcher comprehensively gathers and professionally records your personal stories and family or organizational history. Projects range from assistance in archiving family history information to professionally recorded oral history interviews and ethical wills. Through a collaborative, guided process, you choose the recording format, the topics, and the length of your Life History package.

Life History packages can include

  • Individual, family, business and community histories, gathered and recorded on professional DVDs, CDs, print narratives, ethical wills and multimedia formats
  • All pre-interview, planning, historical research, and interview preparation.
  • All needed production and post-production work, e.g. professional oral history interviewing, design, packaging and distribution.

A basic package may be expanded with

  • Interview transcripts
  • Incorporation and editing of existing materials, e.g. home movies, journals, letters, photos, etc.
  • Family trees and genealogical research
  • Consultation, editing and partial services for your own projects.

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"To preserve the past is half of immortality."
--Benjamin D'Israeli